ZEPELIN was founded in 1996, as a company specializing to production of standard inflatable objects for advertising.
After over two decades we can say it is a well working machinery emloying over 70 enthusiastic people who are familiar with their work, consisting of the development of new and better models and subsequent processing of technical textiles and custom-made metal components into the shape of inflatable objects, event and accommodation tents, storage halls, tanks and the like.

Products of ZEPELIN are distributed in 40 countries worldwide.


At ZEPELIN we understand technical textiles and their applications, as well as the technical principles of structures. We are committed to the continuous development and improvement of our products, trying to combine maximum user comfort with a simplicity of service. We are skilled in a production, working to provide the best quality product, supported by perfect customer service.


Three former classmates Juraj, Henry and Paul met the first time in 1987 to study mechanical engineering. In 1996 Juraj, an enthusiastic balloon pilot, found Zepelin as a company to repair hot air balloons and make inflatable products. Henry joined him right away and Paul completed the „old team“ just 3 years later. With all good and bad periods, they are looking forward together to the bright future.


Our company works in accordance with a quality certificate ISO 9001:2015 and the 14001:2015 environmental certificate.
In addition, NIXUS products for NATO armies are manufactured in accordance with the AQAP 2110:2017 quality management system. Our NCAGE supplier code is 1461M.

Besides of that, we are trying to protect company know-how by several international patents and industrial design certificates, constantly working on new technical solutions.


We trust new technologies and materials. Constantly investing into new machines, increasing the quality of the production process.


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